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This website will no longer be supported or updated.
This website will no longer be supported or updated.

May 3, 2016 by Administrator

This website will no longer be supported or...

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Logo and wordmarks

Apr 25, 2016 by Administrator

Generally in this day and age we all know what...

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Logo and wordmarks

Posted on Apr 25, 2016 by Administrator

Generally in this day and age we all know what a logo is. We see them every day. The golden-arches, Apple, IBM but when is a logo a word-mark and when is a word-mark a logo?

Lets start with what is a logo.

Simply put: A logo is a graphic representation of a company or business. The purpose of a logo is to try and unsure people remember  you or your brand.. So its to help people/ customers

A) remember the business, and

B) to differentiate it from another business.

Now an example of a logo would be NIKE, APPLE & SHELL, all very recognizable logos.


So whats a word-mark?

Imagine if all of our favorite brands and companies were only identified by a simple colour. It would be very difficult to differentuate between them all. Same really for simple logos. If all you have is a symbol or a simple representation to remember it can still be difficult. So to make things easier to remember word-marks were the next logical step that came into existence.

Why would someone use wordmarks over something like a pictorial graphic?  When you simply offer just an image you have to have so much faith that the image is recognizable by everyone. And then continually recalled correctly. Not everyone can pull it off. Not everyone is lets say APPLE.

So for examples of word-marks the biggest and most obvious is GOOGLE, other examples are Disney, fedex and DELL. All very recognizable for the viewer. Simply by reading. Word-marks are logos. They create something to differentiate you from everyone else.


Lets get freeky, lets take a look at a combination of both.

Combination marks as the name suggests are graphics with both text and and a recognisabel image that represents the brand image that presents your company or organization. Concise text can complement an icon or symbol, providing additional information. Think of something like "starbucks""Tim Hortons" "Domino pizza" and "Pringles". 

Now your know all about Logos and word-marks let us design something for you. Contact us today to get your business noticed tomorrow. 902-728-1833

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