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This website will no longer be supported or updated.
This website will no longer be supported or updated.

May 3, 2016 by Administrator

This website will no longer be supported or...

Domain names and what can you do with them?

Apr 26, 2016 by Administrator

I love domain names. I probably own more than...

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Domain names and what can you do with them?

Posted on Apr 26, 2016 by Administrator

I love domain names. I probably own more than I should. I have an idea for something I will go and buy the domain name just in case. If the idea does'nt pan out then no great loss. But what is a domain name and why would  you possibly want one?

A domain name is your online presence. your online address if you will. Its what you type in to go to your website. You would type in to your GPS "241 Main street Parrsboro" to go to our store, and you would type in www.teeshirteryandsigns.com to vist our website. This website!  

So tell me more? Well the price of a .com varies. But there are others like.ca, .net. .org. those are some of the more common ones. They all command different prices. The prefered is .com as its what everyone seems to assume the website will end with.

So you have decided you are starting a new business for fun lets call it. "maggies Muffins"  But before you run off and buy a domain name there are other consideration. Firstly. Are you just buying the name so no one else can have it? Are you buying the name just for emails, or are you buying the name for a website? or are you buying the name to redirect it to another website? Ohh so many questions. lets look at each one. 

If your only buying it to secure www.maggiesmuffins.com from anyone else from having thats ok. Go for the cheapest you can get. The fee you will be charged is a annual fee so expect it to be renewed each year.

If your buying the domain to use a professional email address like Maggie@maggiesmuffins.com then you would need to make that clear. As some domain providers will offer some services within the purchase price. like one email address.  What are the benefits of Maggie@maggiesmuffins.com well its a dam sight more proffessional than maggiesmuffins@freeemailname.com. Nothing says "not quite got it together" like a free email the same as everyone else. With your own email you have two options. You can either redirect it to your current email. So if someone sends an email to maggie@maggiesmuffins.com it will actually be delivered to maggiesmuffins@freeemailname.com. Thats called a redirection. We can also set up a propper full email so you can send and recieve emails as normal as maggie@maggiesmuffins.com.

Maybe you already have a website, and your just thought of a great name to use for a promotion to help drive trafic to your normal site. Then a quick search and similar to the email above check to see what options are offered in the price of the domain.

Are you buyng the domain to run a website. This is the big one. You will need to not only pay for the domain everymonth, but also "hosting" Hosting is where your files that make up your website sit. Just like the files on your computer. Your website will sit on a server. so when someone types www.maggiesmuffins.com they will be accessing the server. Thats what Hosting is and that can cost either monthly or annually. Generally with this set up you have a lot more choice. You can have multiple email addresses. So sales@maggiesmuffins.com John@maggiesmuffins.com Store1@maggiesmuffins.com etc etc. each one will have its own login which you can either use via the web or your favourite email program. You will also have the website. Now this can be the equivelent of an online business card. a brochure etc. I have written more about website here.

Ok all this sounds great but what if in, deepest darkes budapest there is a website called www.maggiesmuffins.com what can I do? Well not a lot to be honest. You could look for another option like maggiesmuffines.net or .ca You could try to purchase the domain name but thats just gets silly really quick. You could alter the domain name your looking for. You could try www.maggiesmuffinsyourtown.com. So you still have options.

A good tip to consider when thinking of a domain name is customer retention. Will the customer as an example remember it at a party? A great example I use is an insurance company. their website may be www.johnandbartholumueinsurance.com Not very memorable bet you have already forgotten it. But what if they had a second that redirected to their main site, so only one site but two addresses and the second one was www.insurancesucks.com much easier to remember in the morning. 

My last snippet of experiance is really really think about the domain name. remember it has no spaces in it. So you may do yourself harm by not thinking it through. As an example a nice company called Pen island can run into problems really quickly. So write it down and carefully look at it, see if you can see any words in it that should'nt be there. experts exchange is another I have seen ridiculed. So please I implore you to think very carefully about the name.  

We can help you through each step of this process ensuring you have the right option for you and your business. To get started either call us on 902-728-1833 or vist our contact page in the menu above. 


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