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Domain names and what can you do with them?

Posted on Apr 26, 2016 by Administrator

I love domain names. I probably own more than I should. I have an idea for something I will go and buy the domain name just in case. If the idea does'nt pan out then no great loss. But what is a domain name and why would  you possibly want one? A domain name is your online presence. your online address if you will. Its what you type in to go to your website. You would type in to your GPS "241 Main street Parrsboro" to go to our store, and you would type in...

Logo and wordmarks

Posted on Apr 25, 2016 by Administrator

Generally in this day and age we all know what a logo is. We see them every day. The golden-arches, Apple, IBM but when is a logo a word-mark and when is a word-mark a logo? Lets start with what is a logo. Simply put: A logo is a graphic representation of a company or business. The purpose of a logo is to try and unsure people remember  you or your brand.. So its to help people/ customers A) remember the business, and B) to differentiate it from another business....

tshirts self promotion. Does it work?

Posted on Apr 24, 2016 by Administrator

If you haven't got a tshirt with your business logo on it, you're missing out on a dynamic and cost effective advertising opportunity. Why would you do that? Here’s a simple test to show beyond a doubt what I mean. Next time you’re out and a bout wher there are lots of people. Like a mall., or walking down the street, maybe at a fast food restaurant, Just stop for a moment to take in those around you. Look at the most popular clothing item. Its a tshirt.  Just...

Signage how can you benefit.

Posted on Apr 24, 2016 by Administrator

Signage. We all see it as we walk and drive.  Does it work? Really? Well yes it really does. If you own or are planning to start a business, a very important consideration is how you intend using signage. A creative, well constructed and printed sign can help your business no end.  Consider your signage as a 24hour a day salesperson.  This salesperson takes no breaks, no time off, and still works in a snowstorm. The unrelenting salesperson after the initial purchase cost...

Are you ready for a new or updated website?

Posted on Apr 24, 2016 by Administrator

As we have recently updated our own website its made us consider the following statement: Signs that you're ready to have a fresh new website of renew your existing website. We collaborate with a number of our clients spanning many industries. from artists to Drs. We have noticed that the motivation for the website can come from a number of avenues. It could be that you feel without one you don't really exist in the online world. It could be that having one is forced upon...
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