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David on Apr 23, 2016

We had a huge issue being seen as a company. We was for all intents and purposes invisable. We was a little off the beaten track. Through an exisitng customer of Teeshirtery we were encouraged to contact them. after playing phone tag a couple of times we eventually got to speak. We can confirm you will always be called back, if a call back is required. I am so glad we did. When we connected the ideas, were literally like a volcano erupting. We could do this we could do that. Ok it all sounded great. But... How much? Thats what motivates me. I am a small business and in rural nova scotia lets just say it doesnt have the population of manhattan. I had a figue in mind. If they could come very close to this figure I would take the chance. Wow. Not only did they come in under the budget. But I was able to get other things as well. New business cards. rackcards for the airport and local shops etc. and still under the figure I had in my head. I am now a strong promoter of Teeshirtery and signs now don't tell them but they may have saved my business and my sanity. 

Administrator replied:

Thank you David. We was glad to be able to help you. Especially after the issues you had before coming to us. We are so thankful that things worked out.